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Customizable online assessment software

  • Is your company interested in giving some of your paper assessments online?
  • Do you need a consultant to assist you with this process?
  • Do you need affordable software to give your assessments online?

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Custom item banking and test validation system
If your company is in the business of test development, then you need to have a reliable system for question writing, storage and documentation. You also need to have an efficient system for doing content validation and data analysis.

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The ALTS Assessment Management System is the most comprehensive and affordable online assessment management software available to educators today. It empowers test developers, trainers, teachers and professors with software to construct effective assessments and to improve the quality of their tests.

The Assessment Management System software empowers users to:

  • Write questions
  • Do bias reviews and document an audit trail
  • Develop assessments
  • Align assessments with course outcomes or objectives
  • Store scoring rubrics
  • Review assessments
  • Deliver online assessments
  • Analyze data
  • Collaborate with colleagues
  • Do item analysis
  • Gather and document evidence of validity, reliability and fairness

This groundbreaking test development and reporting system give test developers, teachers, trainers and professors new tools to improve learning and student achievement.

A unique time in history...

Children today grow up familiar with technology through computer games, cell phones, and DVDs. Educators who do not make use of technology for instruction and assessment will find themselves increasingly disadvantaged in engaging their students' attention and imagination.

Years ago, ALTSTM founders realized that the power of technology, specifically custom software technology, could be used to revolutionize assessment in ways never before utilized. Thus began development of the ALTSTM Assessment Management SystemTMsoftware.

The ALTSTM Assessment Management SystemTM software was created to empower teachers, trainers and professors to develop accurate assessments - formative and summative - bringing tremendous benefits to learners, educators, schools, corporations and universities. Through its Assessment Management System software, ALTS delivers a reliable and scalable package of test development tools that can be used in classrooms around the world at an extremely affordable price.

Item Banking

The ALTS AMSTM has the capability of providing question writing and item banking services that empower item writers to document the source of each question and each answer, and align each question with a target standard. Each item writer has an account and item writers can collaborate. This module is likely to be useful when organizations want to develop item banks.

Test Development

ALTS also provides a test development module in which a table of specifications could be created and used to assemble an assessment from questions that have already been reviewed, approved and stored in the item bank. This module makes the cumbersome test assembly, test review and documentation process manageable.

Computer-based Testing

For companies that want to deliver assessments online, ALTS provides an easy to use assessment delivery option. In three simple steps, the test administrator could find the test, find the sample of students to whom the test should be given and give the test. This simple three step process allows the test administrator to be in total control of when tests are given. In addition, the test administrator could pause and resume the test at his or her convenience. While an assessment is in progress the test administrator has access to a dashboard that allows him or her to monitor student progress and performance in real time. Unusual test taking behaviors can be flagged and investigated by the test administrator.


At the end of a test taking session data could be immediately analyzed. At the press of a button (the “process stats” button) the test administrator could get immediate information about test reliability, item difficulty and student performance.


At the end of a test taking session data could be immediately analyzed. At the press of a button (the “process stats” button) the test administrator could get immediate information about test reliability, item difficulty and student performance.

Benefits of using the ALTS Assessment Management System – for Individuals

  • Students learn more...and more efficiently
  • Automatically scores many question types
  • Processes statistics for test improvement at the press of a button
  • Saves time, effort and energy
  • You can see what students have mastered and what they have not mastered
  • You will become more confident using technology for assessment
  • You will be able to use assessment data for accreditation purposes

Benefits of using the ALTS Assessment Management System – for Organizations

  • saves your test development team a lot of time
  • automates an number of processes and reduces workload
  • facilitates documentation and creates an audit trail
  • saves your organization money
  1. The ALTS Item Banking system – This is definitely the Item Banking solution for companies that are interested in question writing, aligning these questions with specific subjects/content strands/topics/standards/course objectives/learning objectives, storing these questions in a relational database, and documenting the source of each question and answer. Questions can be sent to colleagues for review. ALTS gathers reviewers’ input with a convenient survey and provides feedback including text comments to the question’s author. To place an order call 813.949.5813 or click here.
  2. The ALTS Test Development system – Wow!…Here is the Test Development solution for companies that are interested in item banking and test construction. In addition to the item banking functionality contained in the ALTS Item Banking system, the ALTS Test Development system facilitates the registration of a test name, creation of a table of specifications, selection of items to create the test, the opportunity to sequence these items, the ability to preview the entire test and re-sequence items when needed, the ability to send the test to colleagues for review and feedback, and the capability to save the test for future use. To place an order call 813.949.5813 or click here.
  3. The ALTS Online Test Delivery service – Through this service, ALTS puts tests online for customers who already have their questions and stimulus material and would like to move their tests from the current medium (likely paper) to online delivery. In this case, customers send their materials to ALTS and we deploy the test on your behalf. We provide an online interface for you to see results and make decisions. Very useful for HR departments interested in screening tools and making personnel selection decisions. Also valuable to Training Departments interested in doing return on investment analyses to demonstrate the business impact of training using the higher levels of Fitzpatrick’s model. To place an order call 813.949.5813 or click here.
  4. The ALTS AMS Series 1 - In addition to item banking and test development, this assessment management system enables customers to give tests online. Thus customers are equipped to do item banking, test development and online test delivery. The benefit of this system over the ALTS Test Development system is that users can put assessments online at their convenience. Users have control over the number of assessments given, when they are started and when they are stopped. Users have access to an online interface to see results and make decisions. Very useful for test developers, teachers, professors, HR and Training Departments to deliver as many custom assessments as they like to meet the demands of their own schedules. To place an order call 813.949.5813 or click here.
  5. The ALTS Data Analysis and Test Improvement add on module – This module allows customers to analyze data from online assessments and get their test reliability as well as color-coded information for improving their questions and assessments. If assessments were completed on paper, score data could be uploaded before running the same valuable data analytics available to those who did online assessments. A must have tool for quality assurance and test improvement activities. To place an order call 813.949.5813 or click here.
  6. The ALTS AMS Series II – A fantastic invention…Here is the Assessment Management solution for companies that are interested in item writing, item banking, alignment, test construction, sensitivity reviews, online assessment, paper assessment, scoring, data analysis and reporting. Data analysis engines can be customized to meet the needs of clients. Clients benefit from the expertise, advice and consulting services of members of the ALTS Assessment Advisory Board. To place an order call 813.949.5813 or click here.
  7. The ALTS Comprehensive AMS Series III - In addition to providing tools for item writing, test development, test delivery, data analysis and reporting, this unbelievably efficient assessment, data management and reporting product facilitates data analysis roll-ups from student to classroom, classroom to school building, school building to school district, school district to ESU/ESA, ESU/ESA into regions, and regions into States. Custom roll-ups can be created to meet your needs. Thus users can develop assessments, administer them online, run data analytics, improve their assessments and report results to a variety of audiences. These audiences then have an online tool to aggregate and disaggregate data. This is a truly comprehensive assessment management and reporting system. To place an order call 813.949.5813 or click here.